Deniz Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. (Deniz GYO A.Ş.) only collects information from its customers if it considers necessary to offer the best service and products it aims to provide in addition to information required by obligation under applicable legislation. As Deniz GYO A.Ş., it is our main approach that the collected customer information is used in line with confidentiality, security and customer requests.

Customer information is confidential under security requirements established within Deniz GYO A.Ş., and access of Deniz GYO A.Ş. employees and officials to customer information in question has been regulated within the framework of Deniz GYO A.Ş. Security Policies and cannot be shared with any person and entity except for obligations stipulated in the legislation.

In agreements signed with institutions from which we receive outsource services, there is always a provision pertaining to confidentiality of customer information. It is required that outsource service institutions and their employees comply with confidentiality and secret keeping rules stipulated within the framework of Deniz GYO A.Ş. Security Policies.

Customer information may only be shared with other institutions in accordance with customer request. In the event that no notification is requested from Deniz GYO A.Ş., it is adequate to convey such request to Deniz GYO A.Ş. Data Controller through (212) 348 20 00.

In order to access his or her information on Deniz GYO A.Ş. online media, the customer is required to introduce himself/herself accurately to our systems. The responsibility hereof shall belong to the customer.

Deniz GYO A.Ş. would like to indicate that it respects your privacy by maintaining the confidentiality of customer information within the framework of the relevant legislation.