There are 34 independent units with a commercial space of 4.539,49 m2 in Metrokent Merkez Shopping Center.

Metrokent Merkez Shopping Center is the main commercial unit of a specially designed residence concept in Eryaman, 10.Etap. The shopping center which is next to Eryaman main station of Sincan- Batıkent metro line which is expected to be opened within a short period of time, is an attractive shopping and meeting point for residents of Eryaman and Ankara with the sports center next to it and the nursery on the other side of the metro line and its concept stores.

We invite you to invest in the most valuable shopping centers of Istanbul and Ankara.


When the metro line is opened, the value of Metrokent Merkez Shopping Center will increase significantly. Therefore, many important commercial brands have started to open stores in the shopping center.